High Quality Trenarapid in USA

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manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
substance: Trenbolone acetate
package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Our online store has earned the trust of athletes due to the following advantages: For a long time we work in the pharmaceutical market and provide Alpha Pharma products. Only the original Trenbolone acetate 10ml vial (100mg/ml) from leading manufacturers is on sale. A wide range of products in various categories. We are not only implementing Trenarapid in USA. You can also buy Growth Hormone from USA, fat burners and PCT products from us.

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4 reviews for High Quality Trenarapid in USA

  1. laratrent777

    TO DATE, THIS IS MY FAVORITE TREN! I’ve tried GP, Geneza, and Dragon before, and now this. By the third injection, I was experiencing night sweats. Tren has a love/hate relationship with me, but Alpha’s Tren pushed me to my boundaries. I felt a little more irritable/aggressive, but the strength growth I experienced was incredible. At 200 lb 5,9.5″ 8%, I set PRs in the squat and bench with a 475 lb squat and 345 lb bench. STRONG and shredded! Although I suffered night sweats throughout my whole tren cycle on Alpha, I had the finest, dried, strongest, and densest gains to date. For 8 weeks, I used 125mg Tren 125mg Test EOD with GP Aromasin on cycle as support. I was on a deficit diet for most of my cycle (2,400-2,600 calories), even though my TDEE is about 2850-2900 calories per day. I was able to add 5 pounds of good lean mass (I started the cycle at 192 pounds) while lowering from 9 to 8% body fat. It came in its original Alpha Pharma packaging, complete with a seal. T/A was 12 days to the West Coast of the United States. Without hesitation, I would purchase this product again.

  2. laratrent777

    This thing is incredible!! In my third week, I’m repping 405 lbs on a flat bench, dropping fat without doing any cardio, and getting a lot more vascular. I’m confident I’ll buy from you again!

  3. laratrent777

    This Tren is the best I’ve ever used! One of the best in Alpha. The package arrived in two weeks and was well-packaged. I’ve been using 100mg ED for a week and have noticed a noticeable gain in strength and vascularity. Without a doubt, the next Tren cycle will come from this lab.

  4. laratrent777

    WOW, this is some of the most delicious tren I’ve ever had. It has a nice orange color and the pip isn’t all that bad, especially if you only use 2ml at a time. It’s fantastic to have a company that creates good stuff back on the market. Without a doubt, the greatest tren ace on the market now. I’ve utilized buy-steroids four times now, I’m four weeks into my cycle, and my strength has gone up, I feel like a machine. I’ve been cycling tren or the old Parabolan for nearly 15 years, so I’ve seen my fair share of lovely trens, and alpha pharma’s Trenapaid is definitely towards the top. Again, thanks to buy-steroids. I understand there was an error with my last order, but I am confident you will correct it! TOP-NOTCH GEAR FROM A TOP-NOTCH SOURCE!

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